Agenda For May 27, 2020 Board Meeting

  Villages of Westminster Homeowners Association Board Meeting Agenda May 27, 2020  7:00 p.m. (2 hr time limit) Via Zoom Pro Platform (see directions) Call to Order, Welcome, quorum, meeting rules Officers Reports President Secretary (Minutes of March 25, Special meeting April 29) Treasurer (Financial reports Jan-April) Committee Reports ARC, RV Captain Communications Pool Clubhouse […]

Villages of Westminster HOA Special BOD Meeting April 29, 2020

The meeting was help electronically via GoToMeeting and was called to order at 7:09 pm. BOD members present: Pat Duggan, Kelly Coronel, Ray Gdovic, Jeannette Potter and Mark Patton. Other attendees: Diane Clarcq from Berkeley, Ed Tennermann and Roy Kalista from Design/Management Associates Inc. (DMA) , Jack Hostetter from the Grounds Committee and other residents […]

Your Hotline to Important VOW Information

Keeping residents informed about what’s going on in the community is a priority for the Board of Directors. One of the most effective ways to do that is through email. Most of our residents are already on the Villages of Westminster email list but we’d like very much to get 100 percent of our homes […]

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Check your email for important info regarding a special BOD meeting. Login info will be provided in the email.

Diane Clarcq and Patricia Duggan are inviting you to a Special Board of Directors Meeting scheduled via Zoom. If you do not already have the Zoom program downloaded on your computer, please do so in advance of the meeting. We will not delay the start of the meeting due to late arrivals. You can also call in if you prefer.

Agenda: COVID-19 Requirements for Pool and Clubhouse Use in Phase 3. The Board will vote on 2020 Pool Rules and Special 2020 Clubhouse Rules. The Board will address comments previously raised on Facebook and Nextdoor, and any other questions that are submitted in advance of the meeting. Please note: * If you wish to participate in the Homeowner Comment Period, please let Diane Clarcq at Berkeley Real Property Management (757-229-6810 x 209) know and submit your questions by 1 p.m. on Wednesday, July 1 to Due to Zoom call time limits, each person is limited to 3 minutes. The President will call on the homeowner via the list compiled prior to the meeting.
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It is coming in next day. Be sure to also check your junk or spam folders. Sometimes mass emails are diverted by individual accounts.

I am also not on the list. How do I add my email address? 🙂

Yes, how do we get on the email list?

I used to be on the email list but have not got any emails this year. How do I get back on the list? Thanks.

I didnt get the email.

I was unable to attend the meeting, what is the update for the pool? thanks!

Short answer, in order to comply with the Governor’s rules in this phase of opening, we need at least 20 volunteers (at 4.5 hours each per week) to perform check in and sanitizing. My understanding is only 2 people volunteered. The board is open to revisit opening the pool. This seemed to me to be the biggest hurtle.

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2 POOL UPDATES! A long read but worth it if you want to know what's going on.

1. The VOW Kraken Swim Team will begin practice today (Monday 6/22), with restrictions. ONLY swim team members and the coach can be inside pool fence. Restrooms will not be open.

2. The Board would like to be able to open the pool for regular swimming once the Governor approves moving to Phase 3. We can ONLY do this IF we get volunteers to help clean and get ready for pool season AND volunteers to assist with daily COVID-19 screening and monitoring.

This will mainly involve daily filing of waivers and notices, and cleaning or sanitizing of surfaces, restrooms, and eye wash station. We would like to open on the 4th of July BUT ONLY IF WE GO TO PHASE 3 and ONLY IF WE GET VOLUNTEERS TO HELP.

If we go to Phase 3 and do not get volunteers to help, we still will not open. We will need at least 2 volunteers each AND EVERY day, depending on how long a shift you can work. We might need 10 per day if people can only work an hour or two, but we could get by with 2 or 3 if people can help for a half day.

Volunteers must be at least 18 years old to work with COVID paperwork and at least 16 to do cleaning and sanitizing work. As of today, we have 2 volunteers. NO VOLUNTEERS = NO OPENING.

Go to the website and use Contact Us tab to let us know if you can help, or send a private message, or contact Kelly Coronel or Pat Duggan.

A special meeting of the Board will likely be held around July 1 to adopt Pool Rules and relay any other information. Watch for details.
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If the pool does not open for general use, will we see a reduction of our HOA fees?

Have you guys thought about online waivers?????

I guess I'm having a hard time possible understanding how the swim team is allowed to practice but the residents aren't allowed to swim. How's that fair?

In addition, the pool heater has clearly been sold. Are there available funds from that sale which could be used towards using a temp agency for this purpose.

I have volunteered to help with sanitizing and I haven’t heard back since I sent the email a few weeks back.

This is a contractor/professional responsibility. Volunteers to conduct screening and sanitation duties would not yield consistent and accountable results. The pool management contractor needs to step up and fulfill their commitments. Two years with this company and we have yet to see an on time opening! I’m also wondering why the swim team can conduct practices and usage without the use of life guards and pool management involvement? We could easily get a maintenance contract to open and maintain and swim at our own risk. Feeling extremely frustrated. We appreciate our volunteers on the board but we can do better with this situation.

Why are notices about board meetings and special meetings no longer being posted on the entry sign to the neighborhood? If there is going to be a special meeting about the pool then it should be posted on the sign.

In the absence of volunteers, as an alternative, the VOW could contract with a temp agency to supply the necessary person to do this. This would be no different than hiring the lawn company or the current pool company for the services they provide.

It's not possible to hire someone?

So... Just heard swim team has been nixed. Any chance we'll get refunds--less the fee for my son's lifeguard training, of course?

How do we get information about our kids doing swim team?

Who is doing the Covid-19 testing, sanitization, and daily collection of waivers from the swim team? Could they be employed to do it for non-swim team times? Part of the cost of the lifeguard through the HOA could be used to pay that individual, since the full amount is not being utilized this summer. I assume that the pool management team would be voiding their contract with the HOA if they are not providing a lifeguard. Given that a lifeguard was not employed from Memorial Day to July 4th (40 days), and that if the pool opens on July 4th, there will only be 50 days until pool closing of Labor Day, it seems like the 40 days of money not being paid for a lifeguard can now be transferred to hiring a second person.

There is no reason a second person can not be hired to help with the extra duties. If we cannot “hire” than we can contract through the pool company or management company. The amount of time we have been closed and the money paid by the swim team should more than cover the extra person. Having a day with volunteers to get the pool set up to open is not a bad idea, but to rely on volunteers the rest of the time is a bad idea. Who normally sets the pool up? If it is the pool Managment company- this year should be no different. Why we are waiting for phase 3 to open up might not be fair. With the savings on chemicals and services from June - that money should be used for one person to check people in abs help enforce the COVID regulations. Please know, I have not used the pool the last two years - so this is not about me wanting to swim, but it is about being fair to our neighbors with or without children. Our children’s lives have been very different this year, and we should be doing all we can to help support during this time. When you open for the swim team but no one else, you are sending a very interesting message to our VOW community about who and what is important. Every household pays HOA dues, they should all be valued the same. You might consider a reservation system to control numbers when you do open up so you can meet the COVID requirements. I have a lot of information on reopening a pool if someone would like me to send them the information. Sorry for the long post- but I strongly value fairness and responsibility and the decision to open for a small population ( where I am happy for the members of the swim team) and not others does not seem fair or responsible. I also know that our HOA board is volunteers, and that is a lot of work. But we pay a lot of money to two companies- the pool management company and the property management company that both have an understanding of dealing with COVID situations because they have to with every other pool or neighborhood they oversee and we need to have them help with opening in a safe way.

The entire community pays for the pool, not just the swim team, so it should either be open for all or none. If the swim team wants to use it then they should supply the volunteers needed for everyone to be able to use it. The community already allows the the swim team to exist and use the pool without charging them an additional use fee. They should give back the community that allows this by supplying the necessary volunteers.

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Joey Picataggi, Warhill High School. Thank you!

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