Volunteer Opportunities

All of our VAW Committees advise and assist the Board in conducting the business of our Association. The chairs of each committee are appointed by the president each year, after consultation with the full Board. The chairs of ARC and Grounds serve as non-voting members of the Board.  Committee members typically commit to one calendar year, and may be reappointed; some members only sign up for specific events, such as judging the holiday decorating contest, overseeing the dumpster day, or cleaning brush and branch along the boulevard. But every member is important!

Please keep in mind that all help you can offer, whether it is serving on a committee or showing up for a clean-up day, means we don’t have to pay someone to do that work. These are the primary needs this year.

Architectural Review Committee

The VAW ARC Committee considers applications for permanent improvements to homeowner properties and performs neighborhood-wide reviews for compliance with the ARC Guidelines, such as the need for mold removal or fresh painting or making repairs. One of its goals is to help preserve property values in our community by helping with maintaining standards already established. Meetings will be monthly, as needed, and the neighborhood-wide reviews are usually twice a year. Our goal is to have at least 1 (and preferably 2) residents from each of the four villages on the ARC.

RV/Boat Storage Lot

The storage lot is managed by a Lot Co-Captains, who ensure the lot is secure, free of threats from overhanding limbs or problematic trees and weeds. All applications for a rental space are approved by a captain, and a waiting list is maintained if the lot is full.

Communications Committee

This goal of this Committee is to improve engagement with our residents and homeowners and foster a greater sense of community through expanded access to information about our HOA and our community. We handle the website and social media (Facebook and Nextdoor), the entrance sign board and bulletin board near Clubhouse, and send out electronic notices with Zoom links for board meetings.  We have times when our needs are met well in advance, but we also have needs for up-to-the-day changes. Technical wizardry is not required, but keyboarding skills will be very useful.

Pool Committee

The role of the Pool Committee is to preserve and enhance the pool experience in our community, specifically during pool season. This is done through recommending and enforcing our Pool Rules. overseeing the pool management contract, and monitoring the pool deck structure and environment (such as the chairs and tables).  It does not require you to work swim meets! Think more of the need for the pool deck and furniture to be cleaned and placed at the beginning of the season and then prepared for storage in the fall or recommending changes to the Rules. At least one representative from each village is needed on this Committee.

Clubhouse Committee

This Committee helps with the physical environment of the Clubhouse, specifically relating to the usage by residents. The members monitor cleanliness of the Clubhouse, both internally and externally, before and after a rental or other usage, and arranging for trash pickup – which is a weekly chore. Again, representatives from each village are needed.

Social Committee

Now that Covid is not limiting our activities as it has for the past two years, the Social Committee will increase its role in generating goodwill and neighborliness. This has been done through events like an Easter Egg Hunt, a fall Chili Cookoff, the holiday decorating contest, 4th of July parade, and even promoting the spring and fall yard sales and dumpster provision.  Help is needed for specific events rather than an ongoing commitment to meetings and paperwork. We want reps from each village, but we are also concerned with having all age groups represented, from young children to teens to working families to retired residents.

Grounds Committee

This is a very active committee that focuses on the physical environment of all common areas: the open spaces, the ponds, the trees, landscaping, lawncare, and irrigation … and education of our residents about our natural resources.  Because of the diverse range of responsibilities, we would like at least 2 representatives from each village. We also need the occasional day help for clean up days, picking up trash or limbs or cleaning underbrush. This Committee is not only concerned with beautification; it takes our safety very seriously.